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Patreon - Jadis DIY KIT
Patreon - Jadis DIY KIT

Patreon - Jadis DIY KIT

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Patreon exclusive DIY kit! You will need to be a Patreon member to access the full tutorial. 

This DIY Kit has two suncatchers in one! 

Jadis suncatcher kit

6 inch hoop x 2 

130cm 24 guage wire  x 5

1 meter 18 gauge wire x 2

6mm clear beads x 80

Crystal chip beads x 80

12 mm Split rings x 12

Tear prism x 4 

Ice prism x3

Small ball prism x 1 

String 1 meter 

Clear bead cchain1 meter 

Star charm 

moon charm ✨️ 

one double point crystal