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About Us

Vanir Creations 

Vanir Creations was started in 2017 by myself Rebecca. I've always been creative from my early years. Following this natural calling I developed a love for textiles in my college and uni days. By the end of uni I'd completed a degree in textiles but had no idea what to do with it and it was time to find a "proper job".   I spent the next 10 years in fashion retail and worked up through the ranks, it seemed my creative side had become a distant memory. In my 30s myself and my husband bought our dream home and this stimulated something inside of me, I found that all of my creative juices came flooding back! My friends and family loved the creations I was making for my new home and kept saying I should be selling them. I fell pregnant and thought , do you know what? I'm going to do it! I'm going to open my own etsy shop. So in March 2017 I set up my very own etsy shop, Within a week I'd sold my first dream catcher, wow what a feeling! I'm finding my etsy shop is proving to be to be very popular and my creations have been in great demand for home decor, wedding boutiques and venues. Vanir Creations is now my full time job and I Love It, ive now decided its time to start my own website i hope you enjoy.   


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