neutral beaded crystal dreamcatcher mooncatcher
Eos Moon dreamcatcher
Eos Moon dreamcatcher
Eos Moon dreamcatcher
Eos Moon dreamcatcher

Eos Moon dreamcatcher

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Eos moon dreamcatcher 

Size approximately 

Moon hoop 9 inch/23cm 

Full Length 35 inch/ 89cm 

The story 

Named after the goddess of dawn, this piece has clear quartz to clear the mind and amplify the rose quartz heart the stone of love. 

The process 

To start this piece ive cut the moon shape using a metal hoop.  I wrap the moon shape with our softest 100% cotton string in 4mm natural. I then get to work on the detailed web adding pearl and wood beads for that extra bit of unique handmade detail.
Onto the macrame tail using square knots this part takes the most concentration, I find it's a form of meditation. 

Why buy handmade? 

Do you ever want to go to a wedding and have someone wearing the same outfit? So why do we buy home decor thats mass made and could be in several homes on your very own street.
The main goal of vanir Creations is to be unique to make something you have never seen before, these pieces give the wow factor, they intrigue people and get people talking! 
Buying handmade is good for the environment my items are not made in large factories but in my home studio, I try my best to sorce materials as local as possible boosting our economy.
So why not buy something that's made with love and keep things interesting!