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Driftwood suncatcher

Driftwood suncatcher

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Driftwood suncatcher with crystal 

Suncatcher with a Vanir creations twist These suncatchers are made with glass prisms they create the most beautiful rainbow light. These stunning hangings are going to be a huge trend in 2021 - 2022 

Why buy handmade? 

Do you ever want to go to a wedding and have someone wearing the same outfit? So why do we buy home decor thats mass made and could be in several homes on your very own street.
The main goal of vanir Creations is to be unique to make something you have never seen before, these pieces give the wow factor, they intrigue people and get people talking! 
Buying handmade is good for the environment my items are not made in large factories but in my home studio, I try my best to sorce materials as local as possible boosting our economy.
So why not buy something that's made with love and keep things interesting! 

Glitter has been sealed but still may transfer 

Custom orders 

Every suncatcher is handmade and created with bundles of love, I'm constantly looking at every detail to make it perfect.
If your looking for something completely unique to you please get in touch custom orders are my passion.