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Crystal suncatcher citrine and aura quartz - Jesiba

Crystal suncatcher citrine and aura quartz - Jesiba

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Crystal suncatcher 

15 cm/ 6 inch hoop

67bcm/ 26 inch long from top of hoop

Crystal double point 

A very protective stone, Aura Quartz creates a shield around one's auric field in order to provide mental clarity, serenity, and inner peace. As a result, this crystal supports those who have issues with emotional regulation and need help feeling stable and grounded in themselves.

Crystal chips 

Citrine - Often associated with abundance, prosperity, and success, Citrine has been called the “Merchant's Stone” due to its believed ability to bring fortune to business and trades. This connection to wealth and success has been treasured throughout history, making Citrine a powerful symbol of abundance and positivity.